Larry, went out on Labor Day weekend. The spawn has been over here on my home lake (Sam Rayburn) for months now, yet the 6" Rattlin Larry continues to produce quality bass. Here, I was simply Texas Rigging the lizards with light weight, and time after time, they simply produced.

Great job on these baits. The Rattlin Series is a must have in my tackle box now!.

Dan Luke, IA

Last spring, I was pre-fishing for the Mega Bass Big Bass Tournament on Lake Fork Texas. I was having a tough couple of practice days.

My buddy Mike Nevins and I were fishing a point, pretty close to a couple of other guys, and these guys were catching them left and right! I mean they are on fire.  Mike and I watched as they pulled in fish after fish, and to top it off, they had 3 overs! Not one, not two, but 3 overs!  If you know anything about Lake Fork, there is a slot limit, you can't keep anything between 16" & 24" long, so fishing a tournament on Lake Fork, to win or come into the money, you have to pull out a 24" or better fish. These guys had 3, within an hour or so.

Mike and I kept watching to see what the heck these guys had on. We could tell it was a green pumpkin lizard, so we started throwing green pumpkin lizards. We didn't catch a thing.

The next day Mike and I went back to the same spot we watched those guys killing at.  And low and behold, I found it. It was hanging on a tree branch, but there is was.  It was one of those green pumpkin lizards those guys had on, just hanging in a low tree branch.

I grab it up, and threw it on the deck, and continued to fish.  Finally having no fish in the boat, I picked up that big 10" lizard up and realized it had a rattle in it. So I tied it on and started to fish with it.

I caught several bass in the 8- 9 1/2 lb range then I lost the lizard I couldn't find any more like it, anywhere.  That was 9 months ago. I finally found them, here on Facebook, and I can't tell u how bad I wanted one in the tournament. 

I can't emphasize enough how these baits will catch fish in all conditions.

Thank You Larrys Lizards

Dan W. Luke

Larry the Lizard - Amistad - Del Rio, TX

I was making a delivery I thought to Diablo East, and I got there a little to early in the morning. So I decided to wall down to the bank and fish for a few minutes while I waited for the store to open up.  Texas Rigged the Magnum 10" Rattlin Larry the Lizard and started using it as a swim bait, just letting it fall on top of the Mesiquet Trees, in 10 to 20 feet of water, and then as soon as it got to the top of the branches I would gently swim it off the tips, and glide down to the next set of branches. I had several bass coming out of the center of the trees and just hammering the Magnum Rattlin Lizard.  This Giant was one of them.

​Tommie Moseley Jr, AL

​Tony Hocking, MN

Fredrick Terry, DE

Wins back-to-back tournaments on the 6" & 10" Rattlin Larry the Lizard.

Stan Brown, TX

Connor Case, Alba, TX

Mike Rennie, Las Vegas, NV

Bass Pro Shops - Pro Angler

I was recently at Lake Havasu, Az. for the Bassmaster Elite Series, I was promoting the new Z-21 Nitro's.  While having dinner with some of the Bass Pro shops managers, I was introduced to a guy who called himself the Lizard.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a hand full of soft plastic baits, worms, lizards, and some frogs. He said I needed to try these out.

I really didn't give it much thought at the time. Later, the next day, during a break in the test drives of the Nitro Z's, several of the Bass Pro Shop managers and Pro-Staffers decided to go out and have a 3 hour/ 3 fish tournament. 

The Western Regional Manager said this was his home water, and that no-one here would be able to touch him on Lake Havasu. That is when it hit me, I still had those Rattlin Larry the Lizards in my pocket.

It was about 15 minutes in to the tournament, when I put the first one on. It was about 3 minutes later, and I had my first fish, a 5+lb.  Within a half hour, i had another one about the same size, 5 lbs.

When we weighed in, I slammed everyone with my 3 bass limit of 14 lbs, the next closest angler had 8 lbs. I have a lot of confidence in these baits now. They are just different from what's out there, and they catch fish.

Dalton Bobo, AL

4 time Bassmaster Qualifier

My long time friend and fishing partner Richard Mosley turned me on to Larry the Lizards some years back. 

I especially liked the fact that they had built in rattles, and that the plastic was not only super soft, but durable. These things just simply work, especially in tough fishing conditions. The 6" Rattlin Larry the Lizard in Bloody Fork color is my good to lizard all year long.

Now, the Rattlin Frog-N-Craw in White color is what I go this nice one on.

Chester Moore,

Editor Texas Fish&Game

I was very intrigued by something I witnessed at ICAST-2010 It was this giant lizard, that featured a rattle chamber in the tail. It was so life-like, I mean it was like a real live waterdog. 

I knew I had to take this to my testing grounds, that feature gin clear water with weary bass. Cast after cast, I could see the bass turn and examine the bait, this in waters where the bass generally get spooked by any bait that hits the water.

Needless to say, this is now my go to lizard. I like to fish it weedless, weight-less best, especially in clear water situations.

I have also found the Rattlin Frog-n-Craw that Larry the Lizard makes to be a great fish catching machine too.

​Bill Moorison, Midland, TX

Larry, I was at Amistad and using your 10" lizard and out come this giant. I had a bag of the white lizards, saw this big girl on a bed, she wouldn't hit a jig or a swim bait, so I put your lizard on, and the first time I put it on the bed, wamb-o!

Lee Morris, NJ

Lee Morris takes it to the house with the 6" Rattlin Larry the Lizard - Wins the Bassmaster weekend Series, catching all his kicker fish on the 6" Larry the Lizard.

"It was my go to bait, every where I was fishing was crowded and everyone was throwing crank baits. I decided to go with something different, and it paid of big time.

Tony Hocking, MN

Larry, I found your lizards down at Lake Fork, when I went fishing with an old friend Lee Humphries. He turned me on to a couple of bags, and I was so impressed with the results there, I had to take some back home with me.

​It was opening day up here in Minnesota, and my friend Paul and I went out to one of our favorite Smallie lakes. Paul asked me what are you going to throw?  I proudly said, I'm throwing my Larry the Lizard!  He laughed and said, nobody throws a lizard around here.

​It was about a minute later, "oh Paul fish on!" It was the first of many. That day we landed 45 Smallies, 35 Large-Mouth, and 47 Pike, all on your 6" Rattlin Larry the Lizards.

It was the best day I have ever experienced fishing. 

Richard Moseley - AL

Gave my pack of Watermelon Red 6" Rattlin Larry's to my father to try out. It's October now, but I think he liked them. He was so excited he made me take a picture. Those are some great baits you make there.  Can't wait to see what you bring out next?

Larry Jewell, Canada

​​Connor Case  Alba, TX

I was never quite sure where I came across a 2 pack of the 10" Larry the Lizards in Bloody Fork ( possibly at the Toyota Texas Bass Classic held here at Lake Fork? ) but I caught my personal best on one a couple of years ago and was on a search for them ever since. I finally came across them online and bought me some more!  I've just recently been trying out Larry's other products and have had great success so far with the Frog-N-Craw as well.

These are very good baits. I really like the rattle chambers built into them, this gives the bait a little noise and can trigger those fish into biting that have seen hundreds of lizards pulled by them in the last week (aka on Lake Fork) They aren't too available on the open market, and I think other fishermen would agree these are good and unique baits. The different sizes of lizards offer a good variety too. As were coming out of spring, the bass are transitioning away from eating the big 10" and are more prone to eat the smaller version. Overall: this is a great soft plastic product, and can catch you some big fish! 

I attached a couple of more pigs I caught this spring fishing the 10" lizard Larry makes on a light Texas rig, fishing a shallow spawning flat.

Thanks again for the great baits Larry.

 Connor Case

Monticello (Power Plant Lake) East Texas:  Prime Time

It is pre-spawn here in Texas early January.  This power plant lake has water temps into the Mid-50's into the main lake, and a discharge area is holding at just about 65, while the air temp is in the Low 35 to 37 range in the early morning, and up to about 50 in peak day time hours. 

Again this one came using the Magnum Rattlin Lizard as a Swim-Bait, just working it in grass flats, leading to the back of spawning coves. Many of the strikes are coming immediately after running into grass or wood, and just after the bait breaks free of the grass or bounces of the wood. 

​Don McDowell, AZ

Katty Carston, LA


Larry I wanted to share my adventure to Lake Fork with you.  My boyfriend got some of your 6" lizards at Lake Fork Marina. I liked the name, so I put one on. On my second cast I caught this giant, on your Green Pumpkin Chart Rattle Lizard. WOW!!!   12 lbs and my personal best.

​Thanks Larry




​Larry the Lizard

Larry the Lizard

Daniel Moon, VA.

James Moore, MD

Takes home the Triple Double, with Northern Pike, Large Mouth, and Smallies on the Rattlin Larry the Lizard.

Don McDowell, AZ

Takes Larry the Lizard down to old Mexico.  We had to many bass to count on that Rattlin Larry the Lizard, I would have to guess, but I think we had 20 over 8 lbs on that thing. Thanks for making that the trip of a life time Larry.

​Here is a little report as per your request Lar. I was fishing a small inland lake north of Kingston Ontario Canada. Weather was at 15 c and with a 15 kph wind out of the southwest, really nice for this time of year here. I loaded your blk/blu 4" frog'n craw with a texas rigged 1/8 oz bullet and 4.0 EWG Gamagatsu worm hook hoping for a slower fall on secondary points with structure. I downsized my line preference to 10lb Trilene Sensation as water clarity is very clear. First cast was a slight tick on the line so second cast was in same spot but letting it sit with a couple twitches.. line slowly began to move. Since our smallies like to gorge and this was one of my favourite smallie spots I set the hook sooner than I would have with a bucket so as hopefully not to throat hook if it was a smallie. Sure enough she exploded with fantastic jumps and torque on my drag and when netted I noticed she was just barely skin hooked, she was landed mainly because she obviously would not let go of that frog'n craw of yours. Love these baits Lar.. they're winners in my book!

Here's a few more porkers from this last week with thanks going out to Larry Rydalch and Larry the Lizard Custom Baits. This time using the 7" blk/blu rattlin" worm Carolina style and these lovely ladies were all over it with smallest being just over 4lbs up to 5lbs and change.. Thanks again Lar!

Stan Brown, Wills Point, TX

This 9+lb got me 3rd Place in the Toyota Texas Bass Classic.

I was using Larry the Lizard's Big 10" Rattlin Lizard in Black & Blue color, on a split-shot Carolina Rig. I cast out and just Dead-Sticked it for about 5 minutes.

I was so impressed by these things, that I stocked my barbar shop wall with them.

Karry Carston, LA

Larry the Lizard  01


LAKE FORK           00

Day One: "Testing Rattlin Lizard @ Lake Fork, Bass Fishing Capital of the World!" It was day one, live testing on Lake Fork. Temp 23 degrees, wind W at 5 to 10 mph. Rain & Snow mix falling.  The Date:  Jan-17-2007.

I was told by my Guide for the trip, to go and buy a rattle-trap or a crank-bait, as these Florida strain Lake Fork Texas Giants, would not hit a soft plastic in these extreme conditions, and that I would be lucky to catch only one fish all day on the suggested crank-baits. 

And I said:  "Not only am I going to catch fish on this Big Old Lizard today, I'm going to catch a bigger one than you, no disrespect sir."  

​​Chris Eagleson, LA -

I got this 10 lb bass one on your 6 inch lizard in Rayburn Red, my girlfriend got one over 14 lbs your "Rattlin" lizards.

As a tournament angler, I look for baits that are different, "The Proof is in the Live Well!"  The Rattlin Chamber System really makes a difference, and the design on these baits not only look totally "Life-Like" they are amazing to see in the water too. They look and act like the real thing.

We got our "Arms Broke!"

​Larry the Lizard

​Larry the Lizard

​One Cast Away

Bass Professional Guide Service

837 Lock Road

Leesburg, FL 34788

Phone: 352-250-1007

Ask for Dean & tell him Larry the Lizard Sent you

Brad Martin - Canada Flippin Docks with the "Rattlin Frog-N-Craw.

​Lake Fork, TX:   Swimming the Magnum Rattlin Larry the Lizard for Giants!

The worst storm front to hit Texas in 20 years had just lifted off Lake Fork, the previous day it had been 23 degrees and snow at Lake Fork.  Today it was a Blue Bird Sky and the bite was really rough.  I found fish holding on a secondary point between the main lake and a good spawning cove, just suspending in about 25 feet of water, holding at 15 to 20 foot depth. The previous day, when it was 23 degrees and snow was starting to fall, I had been taking big fish on a Carolina Rig in and around coves with lots of wood, in the 3 to 10 foot zone, but not today, they left.  So had to track them down. When I did, I had to change my hold presentation. Most guys would say, why change from the Carolina Rig, when a Carolina Rig works great in deeper water, such as the 20 to 25 foot range.  One good reason was, that they didn't want to hit it for some reason.  So I changed to a heavy 1 Oz. Bullet Weight pegged it, Texas Rigged, on 40 lb Braided line, and let her sink down to just about 15 to 20 feet, where I had a school setting, and started to swim the magnum lizard.  

James Moore, MD

​Mike Rennie

Lake Fork, TX:  Giant just Testing the Rattlin Frog-N-Craw

This Giant came on the second day of testing the New Rattlin Frog-N-Craw on Lake Fork.  I was fishing from the bank again, in a smaller main lake cove, with trees, and channel in, and plenty of grass and Lilly pads.  I had 4 or 5 two pounders smash the Rattlin Frog-N-Craw, presenting it fast over the Top-Water with about half an hour. But then I back-lashed out, spider web city. About 5 minutes later when I got the back-lash out, I tighten up my slack line, paused, felt a small tick, set the hook, and when I saw here come up for air, I just about $h#* my pants. I knew the Rattlin Frog-N-Craw would be great. 

​Daniel Moon

Lynchburg, Virginia


Well couldn't fish ole faithful sandy river today. The water was ocer the dock. That being said briary was just low enough I could squeeze the boat in. Caught a couple decent ones. And one pig on a Chippewa lures "smallie candy" rigged with Larry Rydalchs famous Larry The Lizard craw as the trailer. That thing looked beast. Moral of the story...don't let the rain stop you.