​I’ve never been the type to give a review on a

product that I’m not knowledgeable about. 

After using these baits over the past few months

I can honestly say that I’m impressed and have

had great success.

The key baits for me have been the 10” Rattlin

Larry the Lizard, 10” Pro-Tour Rattlin Worm,

and the 4” Rattlin Frog-N-Craw.  The big lizard

and worm are a go to bait out on the ledges of

the Tennessee River.  They both have a big

presence in the water and attract big fish that

are looking for a good size meal.

One thing I’ve noticed is how many fish you can catch on one bait.  These products are extremely durable but also super soft at the same time.  When I first got them out of the pack I remember thinking that this was a great idea but I didn’t have confidence that the rattle would stick around long after a fish or two was caught.   In my experience, the baits tend to be good for up to 4 or five good size fish.  This seems to be better than most products out there in my opinion.

The last product I want to mention is the 4”  Rattlin Frog-N-Craw.  This is an awesome trailer or single bait by itself.  I especially like throwing it as a swim jig trailer.  The size and shape of this bait allows me to keep the bait up in the water column without having to “burn” the bait back to the boat.  I am able to slow down my retrieve and let my rod tip determine where the bait is swimming.  Other baits want to go down fast and you end up having to reel them too fast in certain situations.  This particular bait, to me, is designed beautifully.

Key colors – Blue Fleck, Rayburn Red, Bloody Fork, Black & Blue

Hope you enjoy these products as much as I have and remember to take a kid fishing every chance you get!

 Andrew Luxon - FLW 

Dalton Bobo - AL

4 Time Bassmaster Classic Qualifier on Larry the Lizard

​I've been impressed with Larry the Lizard for a long time, these quality lures produce every where I have fished. My favorite would be the 6" Rattlin Lizard in the Bloody Fork color but there are so many good colors it's hard to have a favorite. I've whacked them on all the Larry the Lizard products Mag Lizard, Frog-N-Craw and Rattlin Worm have really produce in different situations especially when the bite gets tough. I recommend you give these lures a try , think like myself you'll be impressed!

Bass Times Magazine - "Says Larry the Lizard will shake up the soft plastic industry!"

Chief Editor - Steve Quinn:  Features

Larry the Lizards' Rattlin Frog-N-Craw on a Shakey Head Jig in "In-Fisherman Magazine!"

Billy Baird - INDIANA 

Larry just want to let you know, I Won the U.S.A. Bassin Tournament on Racoon Lake, here in Indiana using your baits.  I started the day off with the Pro-Tour Rattlin Worm, Panama Red Color. Pulled in a limited and started to cull. After that I decided to go Big, and put your Magnum Rattlin Larry the Lizard to work. I pulled my Kicker with that in deeper water off a main lake point. I am very impressed with the numbers off fish, and also the quality. 

​Tom Bateman‎- Maryland

to Larry the Lizard - Bass Hunters Secret Society

Thanks to Larry the lizard: Potomac River

Throwing his frogs helped me get 3rd in the Ram Truck Series 18.25lbs and 7 pounder for Big Fish on the Potomac River

Larry the Lizard out tests Berkley Havoc Pit Boss in Head to Head test results. The Pit Boss was designed by Skeet Reese, and powered by the largest fishing products manufacturer in the United States.....

Larry the Lizard scores       8.2

Pit Boss  scores                     7.3

John Davenport - Lake Guntersville, AL

Heads up, I won 4  strait night tournaments on your 10" Pro-Tour Rattlin Worms, Black & Blue is just Dominating the Night Tournaments here. In the day time, Panama Red is the hot ticket.  I am working them Texas Rigged, with a heavier bullet weight through the grass, and just ripping out of the grass, and their on. 

Robert Stupme - Florida  07-27-2016

 Hey Larry, I will give you a quick update, I need to place another order.

Just Won the Bass Capital Bassmasters Tournament here in Florida on your 7" Pro-Tour Rattlin Worm - Bloody Fork Color.

Also, I have a Tackle Store that is interested in these things.