Brad Martin, Canada

​As some of you may know I've been using the Larry the lizard custom baits up hear in Canada for 1 full bass season and with great results as I consistently put my limit of bass in the boat every tournament.... I flip 90% of the time and the frog n craw is a great bait for that with the built in rattle system gives the bass the sound of a live Craw , also with the design of the bait it makes for a good punching bait I also use the frog n craw as a trailer on my flipping jigs now talk about a loud bait rattle system of the frog n craw plus rattles on the jig, that combo will talk any bass into a bite, the frog n craw also make a great trailer for your chatter baits or just on a weighted swim bait hook tossed out and returned on a slow retrieve.....I also played with the 10" rattle worm again another great bait as it don't hang up in grass and can get through the mats, don't be scared to put one on your Carolina rigs fellas, just hold on when you do unbelievable action from the tail end of worm will get them smallies interested in a go get your arm broke...just don't blame use when you do.....

Slow day but put this 4.5 lb in the boat on a Green Pumpkin flipping jig and Rattlin Frog-N-Craw in the marina jewel color. This is the biggest of the year so far.

Cary Marsalis - TX:  Fishing Report June, 2016

Week after week Larry The Lizard baits produce fish. They've become my goto choice. Can't argue with the results!

 Had a pretty good day on the 11th out at the lease. Got a few hours of fishing in before the storms came in. It started out sunny, 76, water temp was 83. The water was clear. Got some great bites on soft plastics. Was out using Lifted Jigs 38swim baby bass with a swim bait trailer, and Larry The Lizard 6″ watermelon red Rattlin’ Lizard on a Carolina rig and a Larry The Lizard watermelon Frog N Craw on a Chatter bait. Had some really good bites. Lost 4 in the thick grass. Pulled in 6, and then ran from the storms. Made it off the water just before they hit.

The day’s catch:
Largemouth 15″ 1 lb 6 oz Chatter bait with Larry the Lizard watermelon frog n 
craw trailer
Largemouth 11″ 10 oz Carolina rigged Larry the Lizard watermelon red 
rattlin lizard
Largemouth 14″ 1 lb 3 oz Chatter bait with Larry the Lizard watermelon frog n 
craw trailer
Largemouth 13.5″ 1 lb 1 oz Lifted Jigs 38swim baby bass with green swim bait
Largemouth 12.25″ 13 oz Chatter bait with Larry the Lizard watermelon frog
n craw trailer
Largemouth 20″ 4 lbs 10 oz Carolina rigged Larry the Lizard watermelon red 
rattlin lizard

Cody Tatum, Killgore, TX

Larry Jewell, Canada

I have to thank my sponsor for providing me with some of the best baits I've ever used. They are Larry The Lizard Custom Baits with the innovative new design and glass rattles in each of his lizard, frog/craw and worms. Each of the fish in these photos were caught on these baits. Look up his site you'll like what you see without a doubt!

Hope you all are enjoying a great summer with great success.

So far the largest to date is a 6.05 lb bucket, awesome fish for us here in Canada.
I'm adding a few photos of some of my results, some of which came from a tinny as my bass boat has broken down and repairs are pending.

Over a period of a couple hours using Larry The Lizard Custom Baits, black/blue frog/craw and 7" black/blue worm with built in rattles, I managed about 7 and neighbour caught 1 nice fish, he was using a Berkley black/blue 4" craw.

The weather couldn't decide to rain or shine but the these smallies, (all over 5lbs), didn't seem to care.

My neighbour Is now an avid user of Larry The Lizard Baits as I am, of course he was using my stash as these are new to Canada and I was doing some field testing for the owner Larry Rydalch.

Morgan Russel, ND

Jerrod Smith, OK

Larry Jewell, Canada

Josh Waldron, NC

Colin Wosley, Canada

Nathan Oxenburg, SC

Bubba Redding, CA

Bubba Redding
Hesperia, CA

American Bass Association - Leading AOY after 2 Tournaments

After the second tournament of the year, I am currently in the AOY points lead. This second tournament on Silver Wood Lake, California, had extremely tough conditions attached to it.

But kept with what had been working great during pre-fishing, in the Bloody Fork color Rattlin Frog-N-Craw, with a punch skirt, on a 1/4oz Tungsten Bullet Weight pegged. I had been marking fish suspending on or near the bottom all week. And all week this was the ticket to success. This time of the year (Winter) the bass are feeding much heavier on crawfish, preparing for the up coming spawn, so I felt confident that I would do well with this particular bait and rig set-up.

These baits that Larry the Lizard makes really are different than the normal soft plastics I have ever seen or used before, and I just knew that with the super soft plastic, the ribs that really hold the scent on, and the design, that not only looks great, but actually works through the water like the real thing, then you add the rattle system already built into the baits, well it really was a no-brainer.

The bass had been keyed in with the Strippers a lot of the time, holding on Chuck Rock mixed with Gravel Bottom. The key was to find these types of structure situations within the main lake. The bass seemed to be holding on the bottom at 8 to 15 feet. So I keyed in on this structure type, and depth level and making extremely long casts, started to work the Rattlin Frog-N-Craw on the Punch Skirt Texas Rigged Pegged. Made 5th Place for the tournament.  As a side note the conditions left only a two Anglers pulling a full limit to the scales.

I definitely am impressed by the baits, especially in tough conditions. These things simply work, when nothing else is. And that's what I like.

Nelson Pereia, Canada

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